What is this?

Welcome to my Substack page—a place where I’ll be talking about the things that matter to me. Whether that’s related to video games, technology, or something else entirely, this page is a place for me to create things and share my research with a wider audience.

For those of you who are coming here from the old Mailchimp list—welcome! The transition was clearly successful, and I’m happy you’re still here!

Why Substack?

Having a Substack page instead of a Mailchimp email list allows me to have a place to publish some journalism-related things of mine that I’ve had an itch to work on for a while now, and be able to easily separate it from the other stuff. Not to mention how easy it’ll be to share it out elsewhere if I wish. Substack has email functionality built right in, so that part’s not lost.

Where did The Bulletin move to?

The Bulletin has moved to a separate section here on Substack. Now, you’ll get this weekly newsletter that (usually) goes out around 8PM Eastern on Saturdays by default alongside the other stuff I’m making, all with one subscription (free or paid).

Will you be introducing paywalls on some of your content?

Yes, paywalls are planned. It’s honestly quite a ways down on the roadmap, but everything’s configured to turn it on and hit the ground running. It’s really a matter of judging how “worth it” that would be. The only exception for these plans is The Bulletin, which will always remain free. When the time comes, I’ll share more details on all that stuff.

The prices will be set to the lowest amount Substack will possibly allow, as this is more of a hobby for me, and not a full-time gig.

Do you discount certain people’s subscriptions?

For the sake of transparency—I may discount or outright comp paid subscriptions from my immediate circle of friends and family either by a significant percentage or by 100%. In the case of a group (bundled) subscription, I may also discount or outright comp them per user seat as well.

Since my friends inspired and encouraged this, either indirectly or directly, I figured they deserved either a really good deal on or outright access to this. Especially as I’m still trying to figure out what I want my voice to be here.

For the general audience, annual group subscriptions of 2 or more users will be around ~30-40% off the individual price when paid subscriptions launch.

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I have a knack for writing rants. Also newsletters. I'm a freelance web developer and games journalist, too. (21, gay, autistic / he/they)